Allie's Mass

by Allie's Mass

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Bucky It doesn't take you long until you realize you got one hell of a smoking deal for 5 tracks of massive brilliance. Utterly mind soothing stoner doom in the tone of Ruby the Hatchet and executed with an impeccable groove. Holy hell this is hot!
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E'sPsychedelicBreakfast I found out about the band in the weird way of stumbling upon them on Instagram. I'm usually not the type of music fanatic who starts to rate music into favourite albums or songs, but I really feel like this might be one of the best finds in 2017 for me so far.

Whatever. Listen and drift away!
PS: I get a vibe similar to the one I get from listening to Salem's Pot in 'Slept' (BIG compliment). Favorite track: Slept.
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released March 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Allie's Mass Aragon, Spain







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Track Name: Little Allie
Little Allie, flying means glory
Let me show you how to spread your wings up in the air
I'm the master, hold my hand and close your eyes

Little girl, this has no end
Do you see that pink elephant climbing cobs?
Feel free and go play with your friend

Understand, life can be easy to live
Take this sweet, look at my eyes and see

Little Allie, seize this moment
It's maybe a dream, it's maybe an unexpected heroin
Your dolls are telling you a lie

Lou Reed played a song
Perfect day is my everyday feeling, Allie
Then later, when it gets dark we go home

Understand, life can be easy to live
Take this sweet, look at my eyes and see
Allie, meet this hell
Track Name: Slept
Hear my story, you should pay attention to what I say, my friend
This is what you feel when sun is away
I feel lost, I see that people are walking in circles
And I want to take off, my spaceship's ready to go

I know you try, I know you want but, what the hell are you doing?
Feel that? Time is dying, you need to choose
The same life every person lives and then cries
Or living away, trying to be out of this world

Do you see the kids? They are happy, future's not here
I love their way, I want to be a kid again
Sorry mama, I love drugs listening to Lana
Your son doesn't want to live in this society

Society, society, they're killing minds, you can't think
Light the fire, smoke the world and tell that liar
That you want to go, that you're not one more
Time is over, I leave this place I don't belong to

Day after day thinking 'bout days
Future is death and death is what you feel
Die and suffer

They will think you are mad, will you care about that fact?
Be proud, you're not as their standard brains
The bosses will never fall except you kill'em
You're not a killer but for them your a dreamer

A dreamer with a knife can kill their dreams of power, money dies
This sucks, fuck off, I'm going mad
Where have you been? Where did you go? What's that blood in your face?
I come from hell

Day after day thinking 'bout days
Future is death and death is what you feel
Die and suffer
Track Name: Woman
I want to dream again to see her dance
Slowly moving on my belly, dance
I like the way you move, I like your style
Take your vest off, lady, we're gonna reach for paradise

Atmosphere increases my own flight
Woman tell me what you need to die
I will rape your soul, it must be mine
I catch your breath and then I take you to the moon that shines

She falls on me, she rests in peace, the moon sleeps
I awake, I want to die, make me dream
Track Name: Second Chapter
Through my eyes I see your smile shining on your lovely face
I'm sad, it will disappear, let me show you how I am
I'm the man you think you love, who really is loving you
But life is sad, I'm practically mad, my serenity is lost

I don't know what's gonna lead the mind that's dying now
I don't know how black will the color of my eyes be
Baby, I am gone, baby, don't cry
Baby, I'm not dead, but I'd prefer to die

Rest in peace mind, rest in peace memories I have lost
If I were you, I would remind when my mind used to be a mind
I have no shine in my eyes, I have no smile to make it shine
The next chapter, the third chapter, means death